What is Product Metrics in Software Engineering

What is Product Metrics in Software Engineering?

Product Metrics, This is one of the most important aspects of software engineering and offcourse any other science or technology metrics plays an important role. How can we measure software? How can we measure the software features? How can we measure the functionalities the implicit and explicit functionalities various things are there that we are going to Discuss in The topic What is product Metrics in Software Engineering.

Product Metrics in Software Engineering

Product Metrics Describes the characteristics of the product (software) such as size, complexity, features and design and the quality of the product. Product Metrics also describe the performance of Product (software).

Software Engineers use Product Metrics to understand the attributes of models easily and in a better way. Product Metrics helps software Engineers to understand product quality.
Generally, Product Metrics is used to assign a value in system quality Attributes and, to identify the system components whose quality is substandard Product Metrics in software engineering is used.

What is Product Metrics in software engineering
McCall’s Triangle of Quality

In 1970s McCall’s quality factors were proposed. They are valid today as they were in that time. McCall is likely the same as that software built to conform to these factors will exhibit high quality well into the Twenty-First Century, even if there are dramatic changes held in technology.

Measurement Process

  • Formulation:– The derivation of software measures and metrics appropriate for the representation of the software that is being considered.
  • Collection:- The mechanism used to accumulate data required to derive the formulated metrics.
  • Analysis:- The computation of metrics and the application of mathematical tools.
  • Interpretation:- The evaluation of metrics results in an effort to gain insight into the quality of the representation.
  • Feedback:– Recommendations derived from the interpretation of product metrics transmitted to the software team.

Metrics Attributes

  • Simple and computable. It should be relatively easy to learn how to derive the metric and its computation should not demand inordinate effort or time.
  • Empirically and intuitively persuasive. The metric should satisfy the engineer’s intuitive notions about the product attribute under consideration.
  • Consistent and objective. The metric should always yield results that are unambiguous.
  • Consistent in its use of units and dimensions. The mathematical computation of the metric should use measures that not lead to bizarre combinations of the unit.
  • Programming language independent. Metrics should be based on the analysis model, the design model, or the structure of the program itself.
  • Effective mechanism for quality feedback. That is, the metric should provide a software engineer with information that can lead to a higher quality end product.

Metrics For the Requirements Model

Function Based Metrics:-Use the function point as a normalizing factor or as a measure of the “size” of the specification.

Specification Metrics:- Used as an indication of quality by measuring number of requirements by type.

Function-Based Metrics

  1. The function point metric (FP), first proposed by Albrecht [ALB79], can be used effectively as a means for measuring the functionality delivered by a system.
  2. Function points are derived using an empirical relationship based on Countable (direct) measures of software’s information domain and assessments of software complexity.
  3. Information domain values are defined in the following manner:-
  • number of external inputs (Els)
  • number of external outputs (E0s)
  • number of external inquiries (EQs)
  • number of internal logical files (ILFs)
  • Number of external interface files (ElFs)

Function Points

Our Topic What is Product Metrics in software Engineering includes one of the most important that is known as Function point in Software Engineering. So, let’s discuss what is function point in software engineering.

Function Point in Software Engineering:- Function Point is also Known as Function Count or Function point analysis. In simple we can say that Function Point is appeared to be a solution to the the size of the measurement problem.By using Function Point (FP) we are counting the functions which are present in the program.

Function Point is software engineering
Function Point in software engineering

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