What is Process Metrics in software engineering

What is Process Metrics in software engineering?

What is Process Metrics in software engineering?

In various phases of SDLC, the methods and tools used the company standards and the performance of development are software process metrics.

  • Process Metrics is a measurable dimension along which the performance of the process will be tracked.
  • Process Metrics is derived from customer expectations and a company’s strategic goals, which should relate to the desired process competencies.
  • Process Metrics is specifically tied to the process – NOT influenced by external factors.

What is Process Metrics in software engineering ? As We have already discussed what is metrics? Now one of the most important topic what is process metrics in software engineering? we are going to discuss. So let’s start

Process metrics in software engineering is an important ingredient or the
aspects of knowing the quality, assesing the quality and anticipating the quality. A good manager he always tried to the measure the process as well as the product. So, in terms of process metrics how can or how do the we use as a basis. Like we know that if i want to travel or measure we will measure it in Kilo meter. If I want to weigh my self I weigh in Kilogram(KG). Now one Question is very important How to measure the software.

How to measure the software.

What is process Metrics in software engineering

We will measure the efficacy of a software process indirectly. That is when we derive a set of metrics based on the outcomes that can be derived from the process.

In Process Metrics, Outcomes include the measures of errors uncovered before releasing of the software, defects delivered to and reported by end-users, work products delivered, human effort used, calendar time expended, schedule conformance. The Process Metrics is also derived by measuring the characteristics of specific software engineering tasks.

Guidelines Of Process Metrics

  • While interpreting metrics data to use common sense and organizational sensitivity.
  • Provides regular feedback to individuals and terms who collect measures and metrics.
  • To appraise individuals don’t use metrics.
  • To threaten individuals or teams never use metrics.
  • Do not obsess on a single metric to the exclusion of other important metrics.
Software Project Management
Software Project Management

What is Process Metrics in software engineering?

Process Metrics focus on the quality of work products and deliverables. The Process metrics production of work-products related to the effort expended. The metric reuse data means the number of components produced and their degree of reusability.

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