Object Oriented Programming

In C and how they are solved in C plus plus because of C plus plus is extract of C language that’s why first of all I am going to cover what is called function oriented programming language what are the Assets of function oriented programming language and what are the drawbacks of function oriented and how they are covered in object oriented programming ok first of all take a look sea is called function oriented programming language now what is called function oriented programming language in a function oriented programming language that total program is divided into small pieces called subprograms or subroutines which are technically called functions ok due to this advantages what ok let’s see I am going to start small program for this suppose you it is a C program which is having nearly 100 lines ok now it is a C program and it contains 100 lines ok after compilation there is issue it is going to show some error now here how many lines is it is having 100 lines actually the program contains underline and it is now showing error and the line number is not displaying means error line number is not displaying how to check 100 lines for the earth is going to take more time OK it is going to take more time not only that one suppose I want to execute only 10 lines of this program actually that tell lines are not separated right now it is a single program that’s why to execute the 10 lines I have to execute the total program today’s programme size is increased means no wait run program is big automatically performances reducer that’s why what I am doing Harish I am going to divide this underlines program into several pieces ok suppose here 20 lines 20 lines here 20 year haircut happened in Bigg program is divided into number of small pieces which are called subprograms or subroutines and technically they are called functions now what happens if suppose this program is giving one year now how many lifi how to check means only 20 lines ok I have not check the remaining 89 that’s why I terrassa easily identified next program is small it takes low memory when memory is less performances increased it is the advantage of ok dividing a program into number of faces and the spaces are called what functions different functions that’s why a function is a small program which is used to do a particular task for example we know that in C language where is imprinted especially printer is designed to perform printing operations ok printers is designed to perform printing operations and where as well as can I feed a scan if is used to perform input output operation operation and clrscr is there which is easy to clear the screen content that means every function is having a particular task now function is a small program which is used to do a particular task the entire C program is collection of function that’s why he is called function oriented programming language with the disadvantages for first one easy to identify the and when program is small ok performances major advantage function is right ones used minutes that means what which is also called reusability which is also called reusability ok very simple concept actually print a function is there it is decided by Dennis Ritchie and how many times we have been designed only one time but as a user we are able to use any number of times that’s why it is called reusability right ones used many times concept it is the major motivating factor of functions know what is the problem with function ok just before we have finished what are the advantages with function now the topic is what is the problem with a function what are the problems we are facing with functions ok I am going to explain one small thing ok there is a main function main function is divided into three small functions main is the function and the function contains three subprograms here it is it is product code and it is division code ok its local bodies are called function oriented programming language all the functions now it is very difficult to find out which variable is used by which function that several variable functions are declared OK it is very critical to identify which variable is accessed by which function ok the main problem is when data is global any function can access it that means that data is not secured means not protected ok now here and the data is global it is not protected and it can be accessed by RSS ID with any function in our program that’s why I hear that data is freely moving the data is freely moving around the function that’s why the data is not protected ok now I want to make secure applications that means I want to ok make restrict the data that’s why the concept of object oriented programming is introduce ok to avoid this problem to make data more secure to design secure Applications by the programmer the concept of object oriented programming is introduced in object oriented what happening here program is defined functions ok and here also variables are there 400 also program is divided functions and object data binding data and functions together into a single unit called object it is the major difference here functions are different data is different means in C programming language in C programming language data is separately store and functions are separately stored and all the functions are having Access on global data and when it is private variable only that function can access ok have declared a local variable function object oriented programming function the item suppose 10 2250 item one only hundred rupees 900 giving 400 total at last year of this this One belongs to this row belongs to a object means this object contains this one is nothing but one object on this object contains item details only now there in particular this one contains vitamin Palace this one contains sea item particular now it is nothing matter object one object to object 3 now it is called object oriented that’s why nowadays everything is object oriented that’s why object oriented become very popular now C plus plus supports the concept of object oriented OK it is nothing matter what is called object oriented and object oriented the main thing is what functions and date of birth linked with one as a means routers are not allowed inside not allowed that is which is nothing but the Data Hiding concept which is nothing but Data Hiding that means what one object data is accessed only with the member functions of same class or object ok I was having wearables now these variables are access only with functions of operations associated with that object means how they are not allowed on this object data is accessed only with this object member functions that’s why data is secure and it is not visible outside and this concept is called Data Hiding discuss now I have finished what is object what are the object oriented and object oriented the first one is class object inheritance polymorphism having several concepts in next session I am going to give object oriented features ok thank you thank you for watching

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