Difference Between Waterfall Model and Spiral Model in Software Engineering

This is Nitin, Today I am here to discuss with you the most important topic of software engineering Difference Between Waterfall Model and Spiral Model. So, Let’s Start

Difference Between Waterfall Model and Spiral Model

Waterfall ModelSpiral Model
Waterfall Model is best for large projects or models.Spiral Model is best for Complex and ongoing projects.
Changes is very difficult in Waterfall Model after passing, one phase to another phase we cannot go back. On other hand, In Spiral Model accommodating changes are very easy.
In Waterfall Model, business requirements are frozen after the initial phase.Whereas In Spiral Model, requirements are not frozen by the end of the initial phase.
Waterfall Model take less time.Spiral Model can take number of years to complete a project.
Waterfall Model is suitable for small projects.Spiral Model is not suitable for small projects.
In the waterfall model Projects are created in definite time.In the Spiral Model The projects may go indefinitely.
Iterations are not allowed in this model.Spiral Model Follow iterations.
Waterfall Model Contains High amount of risk and uncertainty.Where Spiral Model is prepare only to manage the risk. Spiral Model has better risk management facilities.
Refinements are not easy.Refinements are very easy.
In waterfall model Phases are processed and completed one at a time.In Spiral model phases are repeated itself.
If once the requirements is fixed in waterfall model it cannot modified.Spiral Model is flexible with user requirements.
While Project Execution in waterfall model, there is a High level of risk.Whereas Spiral Model is designed to handle better risk management.

These are the most important Difference Between Waterfall Model and Spiral Model we already discussed. Now let us discuss in definition form So, Let’s Start:.

In the spiral Model, the customer knows all the happenings in the development of the software. Whereas In waterfall Customer is not involved in the process of the development of software. That’s why the software is not developed according to the customer. Whereas in the spiral model the customer is involved untill the project is completed.

In Waterfall model when the development process pass to the next phase then it can’t go back in the past phase. Whatever, In the Spiral Model there are different iterations, it is rather easier to change the design and make the software better for the customer.

In spiral Model, customer or the devleoper can revisit the different phases of the software development. Where as in Waterfall model, the same is not possible.

The Spiral is Known as Complexx model. In spiral there is no documentation involved in the spiral model, which makes it difficult to keep the track of the entire process. Where in Waterfall Model has sequential progression, along and having clear doucmentation of the whole process involed in the devlopment of the software.

These are the most important Difference between Waterfall Model and Spiral Model. Now, let us discuss some important topics. For better understanding.
First, we are going to see What is Waterfall Model in Software Engineering.

What is the Waterfall Model?

Waterfall Model is also known as Linear Sequential model. It suggests a systematic sequential approach to software development that starts at the system level and progress through analysis, design, coding, testing, and maintenance. The different phases of the Waterfall model in software engineering are Feasibility study, Requirement analysis and specification, Designing, Coding and Testing, Integration testing and System testing, Maintenance.

Waterfall model is the simplest model of software development paradigm. All the Phases of SDLC will function one after another in a linear manner. That is when the first phase is finished then only the second phase will start and so on.

waterfall model in software engineering phases
waterfall model in software engineering phases

Software Engineering tells us that software development should follow a good software development methodology or a software development model. A software development methodology or a software development life cycle models divide software into various distinct phases and these phases focus to achieve one main goal. These forms phases form a software development life cycle also known as SDLC.

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Now we have already discussed the difference between waterfall model and spiral model and what is waterfall model. Now, only one topic left of this particular topic difference between waterfall model and spiral model that is what is spiral model. So, lets start.

What is Spiral Model?

The Spiral model is an evolutionary software process models that couples the iterative nature of prototyping with controlled and systematic aspects of the linear sequential model. During the early iteration, the model might be a proper model or prototype. During later iteration of the spiral model is not fixed and can vary from project to project. It iteration of the spiral is called a phase of the software process.

what is spiral model in software engineering
what is spiral model in software engineering

Spiral Model is a combination of both, the iterative model and one of the SDLC model. It can be seen as if you choose one SDLC model and combined it with the cyclic process(iterative model).

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