Difference Between Spiral Model and Prototype Model in Software Engineering

Difference Between Spiral Model and Prototype Model in Software Engineering

The Difference Between Spiral Model and prototype models are :-

Prototype ModelSpiral Model
Spiral Model is also known as Meta Model.Prototype Model is also known as rapid or close ended prototyping.
Spiral Model takes care of Risk Analysis.Prototype Model does not give importance to Risk Analysis.
Spiral Model is enhancement of waterfall model.Prototype model is a prototyping means just a set of rules.
In Spiral Model Customer Interaction continuous till the project completed.prototype model customer interaction needs till the prototype is approved.
No cost effective quality improvement is possible in Spiral Model.In Prototype model cost effective quality improvement is possible.
Improvement of Quality of the project may increase the cost.Improvement of Quality does not effects on cost.

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Spiral model is also known as meta model. Spiral model is made with the features of Waterfall Model and Prototype Model. Whereas Prototype is made only with its own fetaures.

Spiral Model cares about risk analysis where the prototype model does not take as much as a spiral model about Risk analysis.

Prototype Model is suitable for use when the requirements of the customer is not clear and the requirement of customer supposed or may be changed. Prototype model does not take any risk management. While the Spiral model is an enhancement of the prototype model with many extra features. Spiral Model has to the facility for risk management.

In prototype model customer interaction needed till the prototype is created and approved by customer. But in other hand spiral model need customer interaction move on with the process and phases.

In Prototype model cost quality improvement is possible. While in Spiral model Cost quality improvement is not possible. In spiral model quality improvement may increase the cost of project but in prototype model quality improvements not increase any costs.

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