What is Software Engineering?

Introduction to Software Engineering: The software is composed of data, programs, and documents. Each of these items specifies a configuration that is created as part of software engineering. The software has the key Element in the evaluation of computer-based system and products. Software Engineering is instructions means a computer program that is executed and provides […]

Friend Function in C++ 2nd Part

Hi friend function why we need the friend functions and friend function is a function it is not a non Member function but it is able to access the Private data of any class where it is introduced as a friend generally to access the private date of a class we should how to introduce […]

Friend Function in C++

Hi welcome I am going to discuss about friend functions in C plus plus there is a concept called friend function and friend class in the session I am going to discover what is a friend function ok first of all generally functions are used for what data acting in C plus plus generally in […]

Freiend Class in C++

Hi welcome we are going to discuss about friend class already in previous session without discuss that what is your friend function and how to introduce a friend function to the class today we are going to discuss about friend class ok according to the previous session a friend function is a non Member function […]

Virtual Class in C++

Last session we have discussed the overloading ok and next one overriding concept like this now today I am going to start about virtual classes but I have used at the virtual function in dynamic binding location of discussion about the dynamic binding which is working based on virtual function ok now today we are […]

Abstract Class in C++

Hi welcome it this is Kishore and today we are going to discuss about the Abstract base class and pure virtual function ok already in previous sessions we have discussed what is a virtual function what is a virtual class and what is a virtual destructor also ok now we are going to discuss about […]